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Digital Fashion
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We develop technology and content for digital fashion

Enabling designers to become metaverse-capable creators

We are excited to announce our Metaverse Fashion Event. The event will take place between July 28 and August 31, 2022. Come and enjoy the runway show, take part in talks and experience this unique interactive space.

This event is a collaboration with Style.me, GOXR and CLA

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metaverse fashion event
Digital Fashion

Enabling designers to become metaverse-capable creators by combining our 3D expertise and blockchain skills. Partnering with brands to create innovative phygital experiences and bringing fashion NFTs to market. Working with metaverses to make digital fashion accessible to their communities.

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Try on items, get accurate size recommendations and style outfits – our 3D fitting room plugs into your online store. Benefit from increased conversions, enhanced engagement, and significantly lower product returns.

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virtual fitting
AR View on Mobile

View clothing in-situ from all angles. Transform the way your customers engage online and benefit from increased conversions. AR View solution plugs into your e-commerce product page, providing an instant interactive experience. AR try-on with Snapchat Lenses. Available for apparel, footwear and accessories.

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