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Our partners are witnessing significant impact on their business after implementing our virtual fitting room solution to their online store.

From independent retailers to iconic leaders, our partners cover all clothing categories from denim to active wear, swim to formal.

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Boda Skins
Boda Skins logo

+115% Retention

After implementing’s virtual fitting room to their online store, Boda Skins grew their retention rate 115% over a 1 month period. Virtual fitting delivering improved customer journey and resulting in fewer calls and enquiries on fit and sizing.

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Reina Olga logo

+54% Conversions

“We love the data from It gives us a far better understanding of our customers and what they want. We can then leverage that for our business activities.”

Martina Perlasca
E-Commerce and Social Media Manager

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Reina Olga
Noni Mode logo

“Virtual fitting room allows our customers to have a similar experience to what they would have in our showroom – knowing the fit of the item and seeing how it looks like on their bodies”

Jasmin Engel
Head of Purchasing, Noni Mode

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DVF logo

“DVF is always seeking out new ways to improve our shopping experience and we saw as an excellent way to provide a uniquely personalized shopper journey online”

Alex Baillargeon
Former Senior Director of Ecommerce at Diane von Furstenberg

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Heart of Sun Swim

5x Engagement

“ is a game changer!”

Sophia Lima
CEO, Heart of Sun Swim

Heart of Sun Swim is a Miami-based swimwear brand. It is about expressing freedom, confidence, love and unwavering unity. The designs are bold, unique and tailor fitted for all body types (designing with your curves in mind!).

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+238% Conversions

(Fitting room users vs. non-fitting room users)

“ took care of the whole process and we didn’t spend more than a few hours on this, which is unlike many e-commerce initiatives. The team digitized our clothing and did the integration for us. It was smooth, efficient and I really like the way they communicated throughout. What’s more, is that we were live within the same month”

Cathy Paraggio
Founder, Nonetz

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Nesting Olive logo

+229% Engagement

(Average page views)

“We’ve noticed our customers are far more engaged with our site since we launched This is clearly shown in the data with our conversions much higher when customers use the fitting room”

Alexis Zimmerman
Owner & Designer, Nesting Olive

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McMullen logo

+272% Engagement

(Average page views increased to 16.54 from 4.45)

“How do you translate going into the dressing room and working with the customer in an e-commerce store? brings that experience to the e-commerce platform. You are literally going into the dressing room with a customer, but in a virtual way and I do think that is part of the future of this industry.”

Sherri McMullen
Founder, McMullen

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CLA logo

“Our goal was to differentiate our online experience in a competitive space. has really resonated with our Gen-Z core customers, who love interacting with this unique digital fitting room.”

Dida Lin
Chief Operating Officer, CLA

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