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Our patented technology delivers high-definition 3D assets, covering apparel, footwear, accessories and models that can be utilized across our suite of solutions.

Our virtual fitting and AR solutions personalize and elevate the e-commerce experience.

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Virtual Fitting

Virtual fitting enables shoppers to try-on clothing without physically interacting with them. Depending on the solution, customers can view fit, gain size recommendations and style outfits. Methods can include live-feed video with shop assistants, AR apps, 2D and 3D e-commerce solutions.

Style.me is a 3D virtual fitting and styling plugin. We replicate the real-world fitting room experience via retailers’ online stores by providing shoppers the opportunity to try-on clothing, gain size recommendations, view fit detail, create looks and visualize clothing on their personalized avatar.

Two of the main differences between the three approaches are the methods of determining size recommendations and visualization.

Data only tools most often ask the shopper a few basic questions and size choices for other brands, relying on pools of data to match the shoppers answers and recommend a size. No visualization is available.

2D solutions feature a similar approach to the data tools, but tend to focus more on quick styling.

3D virtual fitting maps garment patterns to the shoppers unique measurements, provides size recommendations and allows for 360 degree visualizations of the items on the shoppers unique body.

Virtual fitting helps to solve online shopping challenges around fit, size and style. Inconsistency between sizes makes it hard for customers to select the ideal size, which often leads to ordering multiple sizes of the same item, resulting in a vast amount of unnecessary returns, or in many cases to completely abandoning the purchase. The goal of a virtual fitting room is to replicate the real-world, providing customers confidence to buy.

Engaging with a virtual fitting room is fun, further elevating the shopping experience. Style.me’s virtual fitting room has been proven to boost engagement, increase conversions, grow AOV and significantly reduce returns. Check out our case-studies for more information.

Virtual fitting helps to tackle product returns and sizing-related problems, thus providing a significant contribution to reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. You can read more on the topic of virtual fitting and sustainable fashion in this Global Garbs’ article: “Could virtual fittings be the solution to both retailers and sustainable fashion”.

Style.me 3D Virtual Fitting & Styling

We’ll cover the answer from both the shopper and retailer perspective. Our 3D virtual fitting room plugs directly into your online store, so there is no need for apps or additional downloads.

Shopper: Clicking a “Try On” button on the product page opens the fitting room. Shoppers can choose to visualize the clothing on a model or enter measurements for an accurate size recommendation. Furthermore, they can visualize fit detail, select a preferred size and add items to cart. 3D technology allows styling with multiple layers, making product discovery fun and engaging.

Retailer: Select the clothing you want to include in the fitting room and we’ll do all the digitization via one of our offices in New York or Taipei. We can support integration to your online store and have plugins for major platforms, such as Shopify, Magento and more. No developer is required to add the fitting room to your site. You can manage the fitting room via our client portal, which also provides unique data insights.

Yes. Our digitization covers sizes from petite to curvy.

Our fitting room utilizes machine learning, computer vision and patented 3D technology to map garment patterns to the shoppers unique measurements, allowing them to find a perfect fit.

Yes. Shoppers can personalize their avatar/model in the fitting room’s “Edit Avatar” feature. Edit measurements, body shapes, face, skintone, hair styles and more.

Absolutely! Our fitting room replicates the real world shopping experience as closely as possible. Shoppers can style with multiple items and layers, view the fit detail and add to cart. In addition, the fitting room provides an engaging way to discover new styles and create the ideal outfit.

Both! This solution is made for retailers, and used by shoppers via your online store.

We are the most complete and easy to use 3D fitting and styling solution bringing these benefits to our partners:

  • Our fitting room works with all e-commerce platforms
  • Easy to integrate plugin. No developer required
  • Accurate sizing based on the shoppers unique measurements
  • Complete solution offering size recommendations, styling and 3D visualization
  • Elevated shopping experience (increases conversions, AOV, engagement and retention)
  • No additional app or downloads needed (seamless shopping experience)
  • Affordable subscription pricing. Unlimited size recommendations
  • Reduces product returns by up to 50%

See our partner case studies to learn more on the impact of our fitting room

Getting started is easy:

  1. Schedule a call with one of our sales managers. Here
    We can determine the best plan for your online store
  2. Select the items to include in the fitting room
    We’ll digitize your garments
  3. Integrate the solution to your online store
    We can support this or you can use a plugin, i.e. Shopify. No developer required
  4. Go live! 🎉

Our pricing is based on the quantity of digitized items and volume of traffic with a monthly subscription fee. Request a quote

We have offices in New York, London and Taipei, servicing North America, Europe and parts of Asia. If you are outside of these markets, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can work something out!

Generally we will have you live within 4 weeks, allowing time for the set-up and for you to review the fitting room items before launch!

Yes. We have plugins for Shopify. It is also possible to do custom integrations to your platform of choice using the Style.me SDK.

We work with all apparel categories. Do check our case-studies for examples and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about any questions you may have.

We work with brands of all sizes. Independent retailers and enterprise clients.

You can find our partner case-studies here

We only need one size of an item to generate the full size range, we can also handle automated color switching for multi-color options.
The solution can be used in-store as well. All you need is a device (mobile, tablet or desktop).


Our AR tool can showcase apparel, shoes and accessories.

If you are already a virtual fitting customer, please reach out to your account manager and we’ll get you started in no-time. If you are new to Style.me, please drop us a message on our contact form and we will setup a time to talk in more detail. To get you live, we will digitize your collection either using our 3D technology or by using existing 3D design assets. We will help to add a simple widget to your e-commerce site to launch the service.
Our pricing is dependent on the number of items to be included and the level of traffic for these pages. Please reach our to use via our contact form and we can provide you with a quick quotation, as well as a live demo.
Our AR solution plugs into your product page, providing an instant interactive experience. Transform the way your customers engage online and benefit from increased conversions.

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