A New Way to Experience Digital Fashion

We are a technology and content provider for digital fashion with end-to-end solutions for designers, brands and metaverses

Digital fashion sport jacket

Metaverse Utility

End-to-end solution from design to digital curation. 

Our technology can digitize any fashion item and port it into multiple metaverse environments, as well as mixed reality and AR/VR. Transform your digital assets, make them interactive and wearable.

Metaverse Fashion Events

We provide end-to-end solutions for brands looking to run fashion events and experiences in the metaverse. We digitize fashion and port into the metaverse.

Take your collections digital! Provide unique ways to visualize, engage and interact with your collections.

Metaverse Showrooms

Transform your collection into digital experiences

Delivering bespoke spaces, visual merchandising with interactive content, clothing and hyper-realistic models.

Ideal for product launches, communication to your sales network or internal training.

model and outfit ported into iStaging platform

Fashion NFT platform

Bespoke NFT Platform

Launch your dedicated platform to curate and distribute digital collections. A bespoke space for your fashion NFTs.

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