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We are a technology and content provider for digital fashion with end-to-end solutions for designers, brands and metaverses

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Digital Fashion model


A complete solution from design to digital curation, NFT distribution and metaverse utility.

We work with designers to become metaverse-capable creators by combining our 3D expertise and blockchain skills. Create, curate and sell your NFT fashion collections.

  • Mint and distribute NFTs
  • 3D visualization and AR
  • Wear, store and port to metaverses


We partner with brands to build innovative phygital experiences. Take your physical collections into the digital world, and provide your community with the ability to interact with these assets.

  • Provide utility for digital fashion and NFTs
  • Transform physical items into digital fashion
  • Bespoke platforms
Digital fashion sport jacket

Metaverse Fashion Event

We provide end-to-end solutions for brands looking to run fashion events and experiences in the metaverse. We digitize fashion and port into the metaverse.

Take your collections digital! Provide unique ways to visualize, engage and interact with your collections.

Fashion NFTs

A platform for creators/designers/brands to curate and distribute their digital collections. We offer either as a bespoke space dedicated for your designs or a shared platform to distribute your fashion NFTs.

Fashion NFT platform with jeans design
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