Metaverse Fashion Events

We provide end-to-end solutions for brands looking to run fashion events and experiences in the metaverse. We digitize fashion and port into the metaverse. Take your collections digital! Provide unique ways to visualize, engage and interact with your collections.

In the Metaverse everything is possible.

Creative digital environments. Work, play, shop and socialize

What do we do?

Digitize Fashion

We digitize your collection to be metaverse-ready.

Metaverse Fashion Utility

We can transform your collection to be used across different metaverses.


Bespoke Spaces

We work with you to create tailored experiences.

Fashion Events and Showrooms

model and outfit ported into iStaging platform

Live Talks and Events

Everything from industry talks to summits to lectures and beyond.

Metaverse fashion talk

In collaboration with, CLA and GOXR

July 28 – Aug 31

An immersive space with runway shows, AI guides, and clothing designs to try-on and purchase. In addition to a fashion show, the event includes multiple industry talks with experts in the field of fashion and digital innovation.

This is set to be the first of many unique phygital experiences under the partnership, bringing increased utility for digital fashion.

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Our Partner

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Explore the Metaverse

GOXR is a 3D virtual showroom and event platform. Besides interacting in real-time with others, joining events, or building your own community, GOXR is infused with gamification which makes the experience more interactive by accomplishing missions and get rewards.

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“XRSPACE has been focused on creating full spectrum global metaverse experience beyond the gaming industry. Our collaboration with STYLE.ME marks an important milestone in crossing over to fashion. This partnership will be the first step in offering generation Z unbounded imagination for personalizing digital avatars in the metaverse.”


Kurt Liu

General Manager, GOXR

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