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We are a technology and content provider for digital fashion and NFTs, building new applications, benefiting consumers as they interact across platforms.

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We enable designers to become metaverse-capable creators, build unique phygital experiences for brands and make fashion accessible for metaverse communities.



Global product returns are equivalent to emissions from ~850,000 cars! The majority of apparel returns are due to wrong fit and size. By not actively addressing size and fit, together with the offer of free returns, retailers have inadvertently created an unsustainable shopping behavior. Our virtual fitting solution has been proven to reduce returns by up to 50%, helping to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Furthermore, digital fashion can help to reduce the overproduction of clothing, saving 3300 liters of water, emitting 97% less carbon emissions. By enabling consumers to wear these items, this impact can be realized.

Our virtual fitting and AR solutions personalize and elevate the e-commerce experience.

Offices in New York, London and Taipei, our team services clients globally.

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