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How Virtual Fitting Supports Size Inclusivity

April 10, 2021|

Everyone deserves to dress in clothing that is comfortable, flattering, and fashionable but this can be easier to achieve for certain body shapes and sizes than others. Why virtual fitting plays an important role in the body-inclusive retail environment?

  • Unsustainability of Returns in Fashion

The Unsustainability of Returns in Fashion

February 17, 2021|

What can you as the retailer do to actively and meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of returns in the fashion space? The growing consumer awareness of sustainability calls for immediate change to the wasteful practice of buying-to-return.

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Virtual Fitting – It’s Easier than You Think!

November 13, 2020|

Covid pandemic has hit the fashion industry hard, but the outlook is particularly bleak for small businesses. 25 to 36 percent of smaller-sized retailers are expected to close permanently as a result of Covid-related disruption

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Trying and Buying in the New Reality – Retail in the COVID-19 Era

October 19, 2020|

Shoppers today are facing a new world. Their favorite stores are closed and they can no longer enjoy the convenience of dropping into a shop, grabbing a handful of clothes, and heading to the fitting room. As a result, buyers are seeking to satisfy their shopping cravings online.

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