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Heart of Sun Swim

Swimwear worn by celebrities and supermodels

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Sophia Lima
Heart of Sun Swim, CEO

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Heart of Sun Swim

Heart of Sun Swim is a Miami-based swimwear brand. It is about expressing freedom, confidence, love and unwavering unity. The designs are bold, unique and tailor fitted for all body types (designing with your curves in mind!). They have a deep appreciation for all things vintage, each bikini being designed to make you reminisce on the past.

Heart of Sun Swim is worn by supermodels and celebrities and has been featured in major fashion publications.’s virtual fitting room allows Heart of Sun Swim’s shoppers to get accurate sizing based on their unique measurements, visualize how items look and style complete outfits.

Swimwear virtual fitting room avatars

Customers spend 5x longer interacting and discovering items. Retention rates have doubled

The virtual fitting room is plugged into the Heart of Sun Swim online store, enhancing the swimwear shopping experience. The integration was handled by with a Shopify plugin. The solution provides accurate size recommendations, personalized fit and garment visualization, increasing customers’ confidence to purchase.

Giving your customer the chance to “try before they buy” elevates the shopping experience and positively impacts your business. Heart of Sun Swim has seen a significant increase in engagement and retention rate after implementing the tool.’s virtual fitting solution tackles the challenge of fit and size by utilizing 3D technology to map garments to customers’ unique measurements and body shapes, resulting in extremely accurate fit.

Heart of Sun Swim online store

Virtual fitting room is plugged into the online store. Allowing a consistent shopping journey throughout the experience.

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Video: Heart of Sun Swim Virtual Fitting Room

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