Project Description

Nesting Olive

Women’s house dresses and modern nursing gowns. The owner and designer of Nesting Olive, Alexis Zimmerman says: ”I sought to perfect the modern housedress that is nursing and bump friendly. At Nesting Olive we want to empower mothers and women to feel beautiful and confident exactly as they are.

Increasing Engagement

“We’ve noticed our customers are far more engaged with our site since we launched This is clearly shown in the data with our conversions much higher when customers use the fitting room”

Alexis Zimmerman
Nesting Olive, Owner and Designer

After integrating’s 3D virtual fitting room to their site, Nesting Olive has seen their engagement levels go up by 229% compared to non-fitting room users. (Visitors are browsing and discovering new items inside the virtual fitting room.)

Video: Nesting Olive x virtual fitting room

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