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Our virtual fitting room is easy to setup and there is no developer required. We do all the heavy-lifting, digitize your clothing and get you live within 4 weeks! Our patented technology maps garments to your customers unique measurements, allowing them to find their perfect fit within your online store. Available for men’s and women’s apparel.

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INTRODUCING Virtual Fitting Room

Powered by AI & Machine Learning


Tackling fitting and sizing challenges for all body types

Accurate size recommendations
Our virtual fitting room plugs into your online store and shoppers can create an avatar with basic measurements and body shape selections, which are unique to each shopper. Our solution is size inclusive and the fit recommendation engine maps garment patterns and sizes to your customers unique measurements, allowing them to find their perfect fit and size.

Find your fit
Accurate sizing helps to reduce returns and prevent bracketing, which is buying an item in different sizes as the shoppers are uncertain which one will fit. Having the opportunity to “try-before-you-buy” in an online environment with a personalized size recommendation helps to reduce returns and increase conversion.

-50% Returns

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Personalizing the shopping journey

Personalizing your Avatar
In addition to measurements and body shapes, shoppers can personalize their avatar’s face, skin tone and hairstyle. Easy and fun way to make shoppers more engaged with your site.

Visualizing apparel
Our solution is plugged into your e-commerce store, allowing your customers to access the fitting room without leaving your store. 3D visualization further increases confidence to purchase, thus increasing conversions and AOV.

+30% Conversions


Discovering new items and creating outfits

Discovering Items
Shoppers can easily explore items in the fitting room, create looks and add to cart.

+280% Engagement

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Turning customer data into insights

Our fitting room dashboard includes data on measurements, body shapes, try on items, how customers are mixing and matching outfits and more.

Use our analytics for in-depth customer insights and maximize your business opportunities.

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Digitize Integrate Live

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We do all the heavy-lifting and digitize your clothing

We cover all clothing categories and our team manages all your scanning.

We pick up and drop off your samples, and create 3D visualizations.

Our 3D scanning technology digitizes garments in 4K resolution. We use patented technology to reconstruct, render and simulate garments for a natural-looking high quality output.

We are capable of digitizing large volumes on a daily basis.


Adding the fitting room to your online store

Easy to setup. No developer required.

We can integrate to any platform and have plugins for Shopify, Magento and more. Our experienced team is here to support your onboarding.

You can manage, track and review the fitting room activity via our client portal.

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