How Virtual Fitting Room Makes Shopping More Inclusive

January 22, 2020

Only 5% of women naturally have the body type portrayed by models in the mainstream media. The other 95% are outside that tall, slender prototype. They’re petite, curvy, athletic, pear, apple, round, hourglass – there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to body types.

There is a shortage of options when it comes to confidently buying clothes that perfectly fit individual body types. Shopping in store can create issues for shoppers’ confidence, even when they do try on the garment. Additionally, brick and mortar stores can lack the size inclusivity that many online retailers promise. Because of this and other factors, online shopping continues to grow in popularity, resulting in even fewer stores to physically try on clothes before customers buy them.

That means browsing through clothes online, scrolling through unrealistic pictures of models, hoping to find a review and a picture from someone who has a similar body type, guessing on the best size, and crossing their fingers as they click “add to cart” and “checkout” – only to receive the garment in the mail and find out (surprise) … it doesn’t fit or look like it did on the model. Depressing. And that’s before the return process even begins.

Shouldn’t it be easier? Shouldn’t it be more realistic? Shouldn’t it be more inclusive?

At, we say, YES, it should be! Buying clothes should be simple, relaxing and fun – for everyone of all body types. That’s why we’re committed to being a body-positive brand. Your customers care about their bodies. So do you. So do we. is the product of mixing a focus on body inclusivity with state-of-the-art technology. Our virtual fitting room allows customers of all shapes and sizes to “try on” clothes virtually as they shop online. They input a few of their individual measurements, then our proprietary technology backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms create an avatar that mirrors real life – bringing the peace of mind of in-person shopping to the comfort of your customers’ homes.

For customers, this means an all-around better and personalized shopping experience. For your clothing brand and your business, this means not just more customers with more diverse body types, but also more confident customers who do more shopping and less returning.

With this innovation, is revolutionizing how normal – but often forgotten women – try on and buy clothes.

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